Emmy Realborn Kit
Realborn Toddler Emmy 30" Kit

Realborn Toddler Emmy 30" Kit

Realborn Toddler Emmy 30" Kit
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This is Bountiful Baby's first ever Realborn toddler! Emmy has been captured in all of her sweetness at 18 months old. 

Our Realborns come with a Certificate of Authenticity. Emmy's certificate has a picture of the real Emmy as well as a place for you to sign your own artist/nursery name and write details about her (weight, length, etc). 

Full arms and full bent (sitting) legs, comes unpainted and ready to reborn.

She is about 30 inches long when completed (with bent legs), and her head circumference is approximately 19 inches.

The Emmy in this picture was made using items very similar to these:

  • Blonde upper and lower Eyelashes
  • Blonde Mohair
  • Emmy's Body, with stuffing and beads for the perfect weight
  • Genesis Paints

Scroll down to find these items and more!

 What comes in this kit:

  • 1 head
  • 2 arms, right and left - full
  • 2 legs, right and left - full
  • 5 plastic plugs
  • 1 plastic neck ring
Scroll down to see a body and other items you will need to complete this kit.
The vinyl parts are made from extra soft Bountiful Baby BabySkin™ Vinyl
Comes ready to reborn-- no need to remove factory paint or factory blushing!

Imagine the fun you could have making and assembling this doll. This is a finished picture of the Blaze Reborn Kit

Emmy is a Realborn toddler kit, made from scans of a real toddler.

Don't wait, get started today!

Complete Emmy Starter Beginner 30" KitComplete Emmy Starter Beginner 30" KitComes with everything you will need to make this doll.
Angel Silk Unbelievably Soft Polyester Stuffing 4 oz.Angel Silk Unbelievably Soft Polyester Stuffing 4 oz.
Extra Soft Baby Fat PelletsExtra Soft Baby Fat Pellets
Knee High Nylon Trouser Stockings - Beige ColorKnee High Nylon Trouser Stockings - Beige ColorYou put glass beads in these and then put them in the body to give your baby the perfect weight.
One Pound Clear Glass Beads, Size FineOne Pound Clear Glass Beads, Size FineThese are used to weight your doll. You put them in the limbs, head and in nylons for the body.
Reborn Body for full Limb 30" Toddler BabyReborn Body for full Limb 30" Toddler Baby
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