Faith by Heather Boneham 18" (46 cm)

Faith by Heather Boneham 18" (46 cm)

Faith by Heather Boneham 18" (46 cm)
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This item is for the reborn doll kit to make this doll. The portrait shows an actual production prototype reborned by Denise Farmer.

This Kit Includes:

-vinyl head
-3/4 length vinyl arms
-3/4 length vinyl legs
-complete set of 5 vinyl plugs for the head, arms, and legs-- another Bountiful Baby innovation! Helps keep the vinyl parts securely attached to the cloth body, and also seals your stuffing material inside the vinyl parts!
-Bountiful Baby's innovative neck ring (not shown) -- a Bountiful Baby exclusive! The neck ring helps the head turn easily when attached to a cloth body

The head, arms and legs in this kit are made from Extra Soft Bountiful Baby BabySkin(tm) Vinyl,in a newborn peach color.

Faith is about 18 inches long when finished, depending on the body used and her wig size is 12-13

This adorable baby doll kit comes ready to reborn-- you will not need to remove factory paint or factory blushing.


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