Beating Heart Heartbeat Box - ~2 1/2"

Beating Heart Heartbeat Box - ~2 1/2"

Beating Heart Heartbeat Box - ~2 1/2"
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These beating hearts are felt more easily than heard and are designed to be the closest sound and feel possible to the human heart. These heart beats come with batteries that are replaceable. Use in our bodies designed for holding beating hearts. No on/off switch or volume control knobs to fuss with, just give your baby a gentle hug and feel the soothing thump of this tiny heart. Hold your ear close to babies chest to hear the soft beating sound. What could be more real....

These heartbeats are battery operated, and the batteries are replaceable. Each heart takes three LR44 button cell batteries. These are standard 1.5 volt batteries commonly used for many watches, toys, hearing aides, cameras, etc. They can commonly be purchased at hardware stores, Woolworths, camera stores, watch stores, K-mart, Shop-Ko, etc.

To "activate" your heart, you remove a small (and obvious) "battery protector" tab from the back, and then pull off the small cardboard "switch protector" tab (which is also obvious when you see a heart in its package), and your heart is ready to install in your doll or bear.

($0.25 piece shown for size comparison only)

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