Very quick shipping! Great products. Very happy customer here! 💖💖💖
I just received my order and I am over the moon. Delivery was super quick and once I opened the box and saw all the amazing items you have put together. I knew I was buying a full set but you never actually expect to get absolutely EVERYTHING. You have made my day and I cannot wait to start learning the art of reborning. I will recommend you to all of my friends. 
Thankyou thankyou thankyou
I just received my first kit I'm new to this and I couldn't be happier. I was amazed that it only took a week for it to arrive.. You guys are fantastic. I was really excited I can't wait to start. I will definitely buy any future supplies and kits from you. Your products look great and are a great price, even with the exchange rate they're still cheap. Thank you so much.
Western Australia
I just got my baby Gemma kit !! It only took 3 days to get her super fast ! And she is beautiful and wanted to let u know that I will definitely order for u again very please with my order. Thank u very much.
West Virginia
So wonderful talking with you. Thanks for the fast delivery.
Grenanda Todd
i got my kit today. two days before expected. i can't tell you how happy i am. this means so much to me. i appreciated your putting honey starter kit together for me. and also the reasonable pricing. i look forward to doing business with you again. 
thank you so much for the two wigs and body plate best quality&service i will order my #1 kit july 1rst thanks
san fransisco california
I will definitely be ordering from this site again! Their customer service is wonderful-I changed my mind with the first kit I ordered (I realized it was the wrong size), and they swapped it out for another no problem. The shipping is very fast, too, and my new kit is perfect.
I received your package today. The doll wig fits my doll perfect. She looks like she just got home from the salon. 
Thanks and have a great week.
It is my second time buying from them! The first time I've ordered a beginning kit. I've chose Crystal kit and I made her in 2 days! She is just a adorable baby girl and I am very happy with the results! The shipment was fast and the material with high quality! I just made a purchase for 3 more kits and can't wait to reborn them! Thank you so much for a wonderful prices, awesome quality and awesome customer care!
I got it today. I am thrilled!!!! BEST ONE I ORDERED.
I received your baby skin body and have already switched it on my Linus sculpt reborn. I absolutely love the way your body fits the doll. What a big difference. It was really easy to switch out and it looks and feels awesome. Thank you so much.
Sandy Webster
I loved your kit

I loved your kit

very satisfied with the kit, they are sublime and easy to root and paint, I loved
Lei è davvero gentilissimo,è un piacere acquistare da lei,per l'educazione e il rispetto verso i clienti.
Ancora grazie e a presto per un nuovo acquisto
So perfect! Item works great with my baby, and the shipping was very fast. Thanks!
I received my order today, December 17th.  My grand-daughter and I are so excited to start reborning "our babies."
The kit looks wonderful.  I hope we can make them as beautiful as the pros.  Hopefully with all the instructions, dvd, and patience they ( we have another kit from a different order) will be everything we hope for.  Thanks for replying quickly to my email.
Olá amigo!
Quero agradecer a atenção e a honestidade com que atendeu ao meu pedido feito de longe, aqui do Brasil. Espero retornar a sua loja, pois estou muito satisfeita. Um abraço.

Hi! Just wanted you to know that your "Reborn Medium Dark Brown Kemper Mohair sz 14-15 Wig 114" arrived today in fine shape. I'd never bought a wispy reborn baby wig before, so was surprised at how thin & fine it is. But it still looks great on my antique boy doll, who is now wearing it. In fact, I think he looks fantastic in it! Thank you so much for selling this great doll wig.
Wanted to say thank you for your store and the abundance of items you sell. I now have the the confidence to attempt tp reborn my first doll. Your paints already to the color needed has really inspired me to get going. I have had most of my supplies for over to years but lacked the confidence to get going without ruining the dolls. Thank you..thank you ..thank you.
New York
Hello, and many thanks for having sent the kit, received to day, Tuesday 16th October. I'm very pleased with it.
Thanks! You have been super patient with me and your service is amazing! You have 100% from me :)
South Dakota
I loved your kit‏

I loved your kit‏

very satisfied with the kit, they are sublime and easy to root and paint, I loved
These bodies are of such excellent quality. I am just thrilled! I have already used both of them, and they were pderfect! Thank you for offering such fine work.
Laura Beckham
I received the Shyann kit today and i have to tell you im extremely happy with the contents! Well worth the money spent! Tysm!
E. Greaves
I ordered my first kit from your site and I must say "she" is just wonderful !!! I ordered "Libby" and can't wait to turn her into a beautiful baby. The shipping was very fast and your prices are awesome !!. Thank you so much & I will definitely be a return customer.
Tonya Engleman
Osborne, Kansas
thank you! it's a happy experience to buy from ur online shop.
Hi thank you for my order. I ordered on the 4th August and it arrived in St. Arnaud Victoria, Australia today [the 9th]. So fast Thank you very much cannot wait to create my second baby. ( i bought one already created) I take my 2 reborns to the nursing home where i work . The residents just love them and treat them as though they are real. It’s just beautiful to see
Lynne Pyers
just wanted to email you to tell ya how fabulous ya are!!!! my order only took 5days to get here!! thats absolutely amazing! i didnt even think it was possible for an order to come from U.S.A to New Zealand in such a sort time! and the products i ordered look PERFECT! So a huge Thanks from me!!!
Maria Bennett
New Zealand
I received my order today. First thing I did was watched the video. LOVEEEED ITTTTTT!! In depth details. I cant wait to get started!!
Bethlehem, PA
Such rapid response! It's not even been a week and the postman delivered my doll's new hair and eyelashes. Thank you for such prompt service it is much appreciated!
I have loved doll all of my life and collect them even having some of my 81 year-old mother's dolls. I am a very artistic person ( sewing,drawing)so it was only a matter of time beforei got involved in reborning. I am very pleased with my starter kit and also at the short amount of time it took to get shipped to me.m I will be ordering from you again. Thanks a million :0)
Lillian Y. Foster
Savannah, Ga
I just recieved my Tanner starter kit and wanted to thank you. Incredibly fast delievery, I was in shock that it got here already!! I will definitely be back!
I would like to thank you for the high quality mohair I bought. I am new to reborning so I've tried a few places. NONE COMPARE!!! This will definaylt be where I shop for my newborning needs!
Staten Island, NY
"Just to let you know the DVD arrived yesterday and it was great! It really encourages me to try some of my own techniques I've learned over the years of dabbling around in various mediums. Also I finally was able to get an order of the eyes.. They were well worth the wait. They are gorgeous!!!!! The true blues are my fav's for older babies and the Deep Blue Sky for newborns. I don't know how Denise does it but these eyes rival Masterpiece and Eyeco. You have a loyal customer here! Thanks again for the great service"
Mechanicsville, VA
I just thought I would tell you that I finished the Dakota kit that I ordered from you. She came out completely amazing and has passed the test of "That's not a real baby?" when shown in public. And this was my first attempt at reborning! I used your premixed genesis heat set paint set and followed your "reborn by number" instructions. I wish I could send you a picture so that you can see just how amazing she turned out!!!!! Thank you so very very much for making all of it possible. I can't wait to make another precious little angel that I will be ordering from you very soon!
Modesto, CA
I just wanted to ThankYou personally for the little legs I ordered. They are soooooo real looking it's almost scary lol. I put them on my new Boutique Berenguer First Yawn and the color is an exact match!!! PERFECT. ThankYou and I will shop again.
I love your items and service so much....that I'm back for more, and can clearly see that this will not be the last time. Thank you SO much! Thank you again. I LOVE your site. Nice work. P.S. The reason I allowed myself to run out of Genesis is that I was trying to switch to air dry. I am very unhappy with the way my set behaved on the vinyl though, so now have a backlog of babies and such that are all stagnant until I replace my Genesis. Live and learn.

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