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We have reborn doll kits with the most amazing detail, plus free instruction videos. We have everything you will need to make your very own reborn baby dolls. Just click on one of the pictures to shop for products in that category.  If you wish to adopt a reborn baby, see our reborn artists and our gallery page. If you are new to reborning, see our free Instructions page and our complete beginner starter kits. We know you will find a reborn kit that you will love to reborn.

A complete selection of Reborn Kits Reborn Kit, Multiples  Monkey Reborn Kits
Complete Starter Beginner Kits Genesis Heat Set Paints Doe Suede Bodies
Bountiful Baby Eyes  Body Components  Nuborn Mohair & Wigs
                           Tools and Supplies   New Born hand knitted clothes
I just received my Tanner starter kit and wanted to thank you. Incredibly fast delievery, I was in shock that it got here already!! I will definitely be back!

About Our Reborn Doll Supplies

Reborn Doll Kits

The vinyl parts in our Reborn Doll kits are made from Extra Soft,  Bountiful Baby, BabySkinTM Vinyl. This vinyl is very life-like and great for rooting hair!  Imagine the potential of our great selection and unbeatable quality in the hands of a talented artist. You will find kits for open-eyed babies as well as  sleeping and crying  dolls. Sizes include 10" to 31" kits.

Multiples Kits

We have all the supplies you need to make your own adorable set of quads, triplets & twins. You will find multiples kits by well known doll artists, Denise Pratt, Marissa May, Tasha Edenholm, and Donna RuBert.

Beginner, Starter Kits

If you are just getting started and don't know what supplies you will need to reborn your first doll, this is for you! Our starter kit includes all the supplies you will need to make your first doll, including instructions. For those that are interested in learning this art, we offer any of our Reborn Doll Kits in a complete, beginner, starter kit.

Genesis Heat Set Paints

Our supplies include easy to use premixed Genesis Heat Set Paints! Now you can reborn with Genesis paints without having to mix colors!


Made of beautiful new custom BabySkinTM fabric in a gorgeous flesh color, our doll bodies are made to last. All seams are serged for added durability. Our  doll bodies come ready to stuff, and are assembled with joints and cable ties already threaded through for you.


Our supplies include Bountiful Baby eyes for your doll.  These eyes were specially made to Denise Pratt's exacting specifications, for that ultimate New Baby Look!

Mohair & Wigs

You will find our supplies of quality Ruby Red Galleria mohair for rooting and/or hand applied hair supplies also include Sheer Clear Cap Mohair Wigs, in the "in-between" sizes not offered elsewhere! Your kit will come to life with our selection of mohair and wigs that you can add to your reborn supplies.


One of our most popular tools is our Original Micro-Root® tool from the company that coined the term Micro-Root!

Here you will find clothes, id bracelets, headbands, shoes, and more.

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